Keegan O’Connor

My name is Keegan O’Connor and I am from Ashburn, Virginia currently studying Business at The University….

Chris Damond

There’s something magical about sports that I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe it’s the underdog stories….

Lindsey Ward

My name is Lindsey Ward, and I am a sophomore at Elon University majoring in Marketing with minors….

Mark Hindy

I am currently a junior at the College of William & Mary studying finance with a concentration in….

Avery Weissman

Graduating college is both exciting and stressful. The job market is a difficult place to navigate….

Lyndsay Goodwin

Del and The Perfect Game Foundation has had such a big influence on me this past year. The connections….

Carleigh Solomon

The Perfect Game Foundation has provided me with unlimited resources, such as networking with industry …

Mallory Cecil

One of my favorite quotes is, “Get comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone. That is the only way…..

Luke Goodwin

Sports has always been a part of my life and the thing I love most about sports is the family atmosphere as a player…..


The Perfect Game Foundation was a tremendous help to me in my job search. Under the guidance of Del Wilber…

Ngozi Monu

From the moment I met Del, he has been a tremendous influence in my life. During my senior year of college…

Mollie Lane

When I graduated from college, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do professionally. As a former…

Alex Levin

Watching and attending sports events gave me the chance to bond with my family, and competing in school….

Caitlin Fischer

Caitlin and the Foundation connected of 2016 with the assistance of TPGF Advisor Hank Torbert…

Gabrielle A. Easley

Since the beginning of time, athletics has played a vast role in my life. Growing up in the world of sports…

Kelly Okun

Sports have always played a major role in my life – so much so that I became a professional golfer…

Kinsey Linton

I was lucky to have met Del Wilber and was introduced to The Perfect Game Foundation summer of last year…

Kristina Vasil

I am a 2019 graduate from American University with a major Business Administration with a focus in management…

Madison Savarese

Madison is a founding team member of the Business Strategy & Analytics team at the Baltimore Orioles. She oversees…

Rachel Cecil

Like most recent graduates, I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do after college. Fortunately, a mutual friend introduced…

Sabir Hathiramani

The transition from college to the professional world has been interesting to say the least. I never thought I would graduate…

Samantha Pruser

After being introduced to Del and The Perfect Game Foundation in December, I was interviewing in New York After being introduced…


Stephanie Weissenburger is a TPGF Fellow who is in her last year of law school in NYC. She has created a website to feature sports…

Hila Pridan

Del is much more than a career mentor- he is a friend. When we first met, Del and I connected over our mutual passion for hockey and sports.

Liam Gibney

Working with The Perfect Game Foundation helped me to find an ideal and very intricate internship at Columbia University. This is an opportunity that I would not have otherwise obtained.

Susie Tucker

During my first semester of graduate school, I reached out to Del after stumbling upon TPGF’s website and within a few days he called.

Tristam Osgood

I first reached out to Del at the end of my junior year of college hoping to learn more about the business of baseball.

Alexandra Assaf

Working with The Perfect Game Foundation helped me get my first break in sports! Without Del’s assistance and use of networking, I would have never been given a chance to start with Monumental Sports.

Ian Obici

I began speaking with Del in early February when I was searching for careers in the sports industry.

Matt Schumacker

Del and I connected in late August via the St. Louis University High School Alumni Association.

Kira Jones

My first interaction with Del came last year when I was working for a startup sports training device company.

Cameron Vitulli

The Perfect Game Foundation and Del Wilber did everything they could to help me take my first big steps into the sports industry.

Amber Ingram

The Perfect Game Foundation has helped me tremendously by creating new opportunities for my future career in graphic design.

Elizabeth Crisan

My experience with the sports industry was incredibly limited, regardless of the fact that I was working within the PGA TOUR

Greg Haas

Working with TPGF helped me to maintain my focus through my entire job search. TPGF aided me in creating a path to follow to achieve my career goals.

Carlin Haidinger

The Perfect Game Foundation and Del Wilber helped me attain an internship of a lifetime. Del helped me come in contact with sport professionals in the area I was interested in pursuing.

Andrew White

Mr. Del Wilber and The Perfect Game Foundation have played an instrumental role in my life for two years now.

Tyler Chamberlain-Simon

Del Wilber Jr. has been instrumental in building and solidifying my professional baseball network.

Josh Herzenberg

The Perfect Game Foundation was a wonderful outlet that exposed me to many opportunities within the sports industry, opportunities that I never thought I would be able to experience.

Kelsy Reitz

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Del Wilber of The Perfect Game Foundation. When I met Del I was fresh out of college with the hopes of one day finding a position in the sports industry.

Brenton A Nickerson

Working with the Perfect Game Foundation helped me to expand my personal Network. I was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Orlando Super Sales Combine.

Sean Smith

The Perfect Game Foundation and Del have helped me tremendously in the past year. In April, they allowed me to attend the Orlando Magic Sales Combine which was a great learning experience into inside sales and throughout my job search process, Del has been a mentor who has helped put everything into perspective.

Melanie Smith

Working with The Perfect Game Foundation has been such a great opportunity for me. Del is such a great mentor and is there to help answer my questions and provide me with so much information on different career paths and different opportunities.

Skye Tilson

Working with The Perfect Game Foundation helped me realize what opportunities where available in the sports world.

Drew Bywater

The Perfect Game Foundation (TPGF) spent many hours helping me reach out to various sports organizations I wouldn’t normally be able to contact on my own.

Graham Tyler

The Perfect Game Foundation has opened numerous opportunities within baseball that I never even knew existed, let alone would have been able to pursue on my own.

Erin Mancini

With the help of Del Wilber Jr. and The Perfect Game Foundation, I was finally able to pursue my dream of working in the sporting world.

Lynnlee Jewell

While attending a conference in New York, I was told to get in contact with The Perfect Game Foundation. When I followed through, I received more than I could have imagined.

Madison Meade

Del Wilber Jr. and TPGF represent the epitome of benevolence. Day in and day out, Del has been helping me pursue my dreams of working in the sports industry.

Chandler Macik

Without the Perfect Game I had a limited network of contacts and available resources to acquire an internship for the summer, but by working with Del Wilber and the Perfect Game Foundation I was successful in getting the internship I wanted.

Coral Marshall

It never seemed too late (or early) to get in contact with Del Wilber and TPGF. Having mentors such as Del and Vince Gennaro has proven invaluable not just in sport, but in life itself.

Kaley Pendley

TPGF got my career started. The Foundation helped sponsor me to attend the Pittsburgh Sports Sales Combine where I was able to train and meet with over a dozen sports teams and managers.

Morgan Holleran

TPGF and Del Wilber offered confidence and support throughout my job search. By providing projects to keep me focused and involved in the sports and entertainment industries, TPGF kept my mind geared toward achieving m ultimate goal of finding employment within those industries.

Bryant Mortimer

TPGF has helped me in just about every way imaginable. They have opened doors that have led to building an ever growing networking database, along with providing financial aid to attend sports industry conference events.

Brady Johnston

TPGF has helped mentor me in my career endeavors by consistently guiding me towards various opportunities, which led me to an internship with the California Winter League.

Elizabeth Schulz

It was great to know that I had people on my side during the job search. The Perfect Game Foundation was willing to help open doors for me in any way that they could and helped keep me updated on the latest job openings.

Cassandra Phillips

The Perfect Game Foundation has helped me tremendously by creating new opportunities for my future career. Through the process of obtaining an internship I have gained connections and experience in the world of sports business and the job hunt process.

Doug Fowler

Before working with The Perfect Game Foundation, I had limited knowledge of and few contacts in the sports industry. The Perfect Game Foundation put me in touch with multiple people in different parts of the industry with varying backgrounds.

Djuan Bragg

The Perfect Game Foundation has afforded me many incredible opportunities. At the outset, the Foundation provided assistance which enabled me to attend the Pittsburgh Sport Sales Combine.

Aaron J. Gearlds

The following story was submitted by Aaron J. Gearlds, a 2011 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

Caleigh Stenger

When I decided to study Sports Management, I knew the journey wasn’t going to be easy.

Christopher Wagner

My name is Christopher Wagner and I have worked as a public relations intern for the newly rebranded

Jennifer Lynch

My name is Jennifer Lynch, and I am a rising Senior at Providence College, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance.

Ben Hoffman

Hello I’m Ben Hoffman a rising Sophomore at Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA and excited to be involved with The Perfect Game Foundation.

Jack Leonard

Transitioning into college, I found it hard to answer the question, what career should I pursue?

Grace Dowling

After graduating from college, I took some time figuring out which path I wanted to take with my career.