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Matt Schumacker

The following story was submitted by Connor Starrs, a 2015 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

  • Name: Matt Schumacker
  • School: Butler University ’14 (B.A. Electronic Journalism)
  • Job or Internship: Director of Media Relations/ Broadcasting Johnson City Cardinals

How did working with the Perfect Game Foundation help you?

Del and I connected in late August via the St. Louis University High School Alumni Association. Ever since then Del has constantly been involved in my job search process, setting up phone calls with industry professionals, emailing me job postings, or just checking in periodically to see how things were progressing. The main connection Del and I have is that we both graduated from the same high school. Yet, Del extended two helping hands like he’d known me all my life. Recently, Del sent a letter of recommendation on my behalf to the Johnson City Cardinals. There is no doubt in my mind that his support was a key factor in me getting the job. I cannot thank Del and The Perfect Game Foundation enough. I feel blessed to be part of such a generous, influential network of sports industry professionals.

What advice would you pass on (pay forward!) to others who aspire to work in sports?

It can be frustrating at times when trying to get your first real break in the sports industry. If this is what you really want to do don’t get jaded. The key is to keep being persistent. Work all of the angles and work smart. Think about the connections you have and how those people might be connected to the jobs/internships you are pursuing. A family friend and very successful businessman recently offered me this invaluable nugget of advice, “If the front door isn’t open, try the back door. If the back door isn’t open, find a side window to go through.” Be creative. Be persistent.

"There is no substitute for Excellence – not even success. Success is tricky, perishable and often outside our control; the pursuit of success makes a poor cornerstone, especially for a whole personality. Excellence is dependable, lasting and largely an issue within our own control; pursuit of excellence, in and for itself, is the best of foundations,” The Heart of the Order, by Thomas Boswell (Doubleday, 1989).