The Perfect Game Foundation® works with those who aspire to a business career in sports/entertainment by providing mentoring, networking, and assistance in finding internship and job opportunities.


Lyndsay Goodwin

Del and The Perfect Game Foundation has had such a big influence on me….

Carleigh Solomon

The Perfect Game Foundation has provided me with unlimited resources, such as…

Chris Damond

There’s something magical about sports that I can’t quite pinpoint…

Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament celebrates The Perfect Game Foundation’s® 10 years working with those who aspire to a business career in sports. Please jo

Who Is Eligible

The Perfect Game Foundation’s® mission is to provide assistance to those who want to follow a business career path in sports through the development…

The Team

TPGF® is managed by a Board of Directors assisted by an Advisory Council of well respected people from the baseball, private and public sector worlds.

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Yes, I Know It’s Been Forever

Eons. Ages. Centuries…  It’s been forever since I posted a new blog here. There was this book thing, and that kept me more than a little busy as I took an old scrap of a draft (or a “manuscript” as we called it) and turned it into something that could be submitted to a new […]

This New/Old Book Is Going To Rock

Yeah, I know… I’ve been missing in action in terms of the blog for another very long time. Truth is, for a retired guy I’ve been busy! So this new book project… Have you heard about it? It’s basically amazing on all fronts. If you haven’t been following on my other social media platforms (yes, […]

Back On The Travel Horse

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged but the truth is we’ve been back to our pre-Covid days in terms of travel and just being busy. We have three more trips on the calendar, including another epic jaunt to Hawaii, and have just recently been to Florida, Arizona, and St. Louis. I guess we were […]


In all my years of playing baseball, I had never been in such an exciting setting as the one I experienced during my time in Venezuela.

Aaron, 32