The Perfect Game Foundation® works with those who aspire to a business career in sports/entertainment by providing mentoring, networking, and assistance in finding internship and job opportunities.


Ngozi Monu

From the moment I met Del, he has been a tremendous influence in my life. During my senior year of college…

Sabir Hathiramani

The transition from college to the professional world has been interesting to say the least. I never thought I would graduate…

Caleigh Stenger

Internship/Job: Merchandise Coordinator/Golf Shop Coordinator at TPC Potomac…

Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament celebrates The Perfect Game Foundation’s® 10 years working with those who aspire to a business career in sports. Please jo

Who Is Eligible

The Perfect Game Foundation’s® mission is to provide assistance to those who want to follow a business career path in sports through the development…

The Team

TPGF® is managed by a Board of Directors assisted by an Advisory Council of well respected people from the baseball, private and public sector worlds.

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Memories, On A Beautiful Fall Day

This time of year has always been pretty melancholy for me. Fall is beautiful, especially up here in Minnesota. The leaves are ablaze and falling to the ground with every gust of wind. The temps have cooled, and can be downright chilly on some days. The sky is clear, and is more royal blue than […]

Goofy Things I Did (as a kid…)

Today’s headline should indicate that my intention this week is to write some stuff that’s more lighthearted. But, in the interest of somewhat fair reporting, I should notify you that the term “as a kid” refers to every day I’ve been on this planet right up until now. They say you are as old as […]

My Personal Memories… It’s September 11th.

This may or may not be a long blog. It kind of depends on how much I feel like writing, rewriting, and editing. It will just be a personal memory of this day in 2001. I was about to type “we all have our personal memories of this day in 2001” but the truth is […]


In all my years of playing baseball, I had never been in such an exciting setting as the one I experienced during my time in Venezuela.

Aaron, 32