The Perfect Game Foundation® works with those who aspire to a business career in sports/entertainment by providing mentoring, networking, and assistance in finding internship and job opportunities.


Lyndsay Goodwin

Del and The Perfect Game Foundation has had such a big influence on me….

Carleigh Solomon

The Perfect Game Foundation has provided me with unlimited resources, such as…

Chris Damond

There’s something magical about sports that I can’t quite pinpoint…

Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament celebrates The Perfect Game Foundation’s® 12 years working with those who aspire to a business career in sports. Please jo

Who Is Eligible

The Perfect Game Foundation’s® mission is to provide assistance to those who want to follow a business career path in sports through the development…

The Team

TPGF® is managed by a Board of Directors assisted by an Advisory Council of well respected people from the baseball, private and public sector worlds.

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The Ebbs, Flows, and Tsunamis In The Publishing World

Just in case you were wondering…  What’s it like to publish a book and see how it does in the eyes of the purchasing public and those who take the time to read it? Answer: It’s a bit befuddling, it’s very complicated, and it’s a lesson in highs and lows. I’ll explain. When your book […]

And The Good News Is…

We’ll get the bad news out of the way in a hurry. Yes, it’s been forever since I’ve been here in Blog World. There’s been a lot going on and the Earth just keeps rotating, making the days come and go at blinding speed. Winter is here now, in Minnesota, and it will be our […]

Yes, I Know It’s Been Forever

Eons. Ages. Centuries…  It’s been forever since I posted a new blog here. There was this book thing, and that kept me more than a little busy as I took an old scrap of a draft (or a “manuscript” as we called it) and turned it into something that could be submitted to a new […]


In all my years of playing baseball, I had never been in such an exciting setting as the one I experienced during my time in Venezuela.

Aaron, 32