The Perfect Game Foundation® works with those who aspire to a business career in sports/entertainment by providing mentoring, networking, and assistance in finding internship and job opportunities.


Ngozi Monu

From the moment I met Del, he has been a tremendous influence in my life. During my senior year of college…

Sabir Hathiramani

The transition from college to the professional world has been interesting to say the least. I never thought I would graduate…

Caleigh Stenger

Internship/Job: Merchandise Coordinator/Golf Shop Coordinator at TPC Potomac…

Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament celebrates The Perfect Game Foundation’s® 10 years working with those who aspire to a business career in sports. Please jo

Who Is Eligible

The Perfect Game Foundation’s® mission is to provide assistance to those who want to follow a business career path in sports through the development…

The Team

TPGF® is managed by a Board of Directors assisted by an Advisory Council of well respected people from the baseball, private and public sector worlds.

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Little Visitors And A Great Holiday

Welcome to Monday Blog Day. OK, I just made that up. There is no such thing as Monday Blog Day, but if you’ve been following my ramblings for any length of time you know I was pretty good about posting a blog every Thursday. And then came writing a new book, editing the new book, […]

A Quick Trip to Amazing Places

Welcome back, I say to you all. Whatever you do, avoid reading the words “Welcome back” and immediately tying it to the tune of the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song. DON’T DO IT! That’s my advice. It’ll be stuck in your head for days. And for the record, the singer of that song you’re not […]

Questions That Need Answers

I checked into the “Rules of Blogging” handbook and discovered that there is no mandate that states blogs must be posted once a week on Thursdays. So here I am, after a couple of weeks where I just didn’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to write anything, and son of a gun if […]


In all my years of playing baseball, I had never been in such an exciting setting as the one I experienced during my time in Venezuela.

Aaron, 32