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Cameron Vitulli

The following story was submitted by Connor Starrs, a 2015 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

  • Name: Cameron Vitulli
  • School: University of Tennessee
  • Job or Internship: Ticket Sales and Promotions intern, Nashville Predators

How did working with the Perfect Game Foundation help you?

The Perfect Game Foundation and Del Wilber did everything they could to help me take my first big steps into the sports industry. Mr. Wilber gave me tremendous confidence in myself and my abilities. The added confidence helped me make the necessary connections so that I could land the internship of my dreams. Mr. Wilber filled me in on the necessary steps to get ahead in my career. I will always remember Mr. Wilber and his efforts to help me succeed in sports. Now that I have my foot in the door, I will never look back and I owe it all to Del Wilber and The Perfect Game Foundation.

What advice would you pass on (pay forward!) to others who aspire to work in sports?

Always be presentable. Networking is a key not only in your career, but also for the rest of your life. Don’t hesitate to go out and work for what you want. Develop relationships with everyone and everything because you never know how it could benefit you in the future. Do not waste your resources and get the most you can get out of your environment/connections, it’s a valuable asset that will always help you in the future.

"There is no substitute for Excellence – not even success. Success is tricky, perishable and often outside our control; the pursuit of success makes a poor cornerstone, especially for a whole personality. Excellence is dependable, lasting and largely an issue within our own control; pursuit of excellence, in and for itself, is the best of foundations,” The Heart of the Order, by Thomas Boswell (Doubleday, 1989).