TPGF Fellow: Liam Gibney

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The following story was submitted by Liam K Gibney, a 2016 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

Liam-GibneyName: Liam K Gibney

School: The Albany Academy (16′)

Job or Internship: Columbia University, Masters of Science in Sports Management Internship

How did working with The Perfect Game Foundation help you?

Working with The Perfect Game Foundation helped me to find an ideal and very intricate internship at Columbia University. This is an opportunity that I would not have otherwise obtained. Del Wilber was the backbone in helping me to acquire such a great internship. It was through personal discussions with Del that we found the right internship for me.

What advice would you pass on (pay it forward!) to others who aspire to work in sports?:

The best advice I can give someone who is working in sports is to always keep an open mind. Sports are continuously changing and therefore futuristic and abstract thought is always valuable in the sporting world. Lastly, always ask questions. No matter how vast your knowledge of the sporting world is, there is always key information that others can provide you with that can help you in the long run.




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