Rachel Cecil

The following story was submitted by Connor Starrs, a 2015 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

  • Name:Rachel Cecil
  • School: University of South Carolina
  • Job or Internship:

How did working with the Perfect Game Foundation help you?

The Perfect Game Foundation was a tremendous help to me in my job search. Under the guidance of Del Wilber and TPGF, I never felt overwhelmed or pressured. Instead, I felt over prepared and extremely motivated. Del never hesitated to help. I am forever grateful for the mentorship and guidance that I have received from Del and TPGF.

What advice would you pass on (pay forward!) to others who aspire to work in sports?

In pursuing a business career in sports, it is important you understand this process is going to be more competitive and difficult than any game you played in. Similar to playing in the game, your attitude and work ethic are the most important part. You must stay positive and be ready for obstacles that may come your way. You must stay persistent. A job is not going to come out of thin air. Check the job boards daily. Use your already existing relationships. Stay in contact with those in the business. You never know when there is going to be a job opening.

Furthermore, you have to build relationships. Go meet with people already in the business. If you have the choice between a phone call and a face-to-face meeting, you need to always choose the face-to-face meeting. Be presentable and come prepared with questions.

Most importantly, TPGF and Del want to help. Don’t hesitate to call or email. They have been in the same position as you. They are there to help; however, it is up to you in what you to do with their guidance.

Keep your head up and go get it!

"There is no substitute for Excellence – not even success. Success is tricky, perishable and often outside our control; the pursuit of success makes a poor cornerstone, especially for a whole personality. Excellence is dependable, lasting and largely an issue within our own control; pursuit of excellence, in and for itself, is the best of foundations,” The Heart of the Order, by Thomas Boswell (Doubleday, 1989).