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Kelsy Reitz

The following story was submitted by Connor Starrs, a 2015 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

  • Name: Kelsy Reitz
  • School: UNC Wilmington
  • Job or Internship: Event Coordinator for the NFL

How did working with the Perfect Game Foundation help you?

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Del Wilber of The Perfect Game Foundation. When I met Del I was fresh out of college with the hopes of one day finding a position in the sports industry.

From the moment I sat down with Del I knew that he was going to be a huge asset in helping me develop a successful career path. He was patient, listened and gave me tips and ideas that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Del went out of his way to facilitate meetings and interviews for me all over the east coast, he introduced me to numerous professionals in the industry, wrote recommendation letters, sent me information on where to search for jobs and so much more.

In working with Del an email never went unanswered and a phone call never went unreturned. Del’s commitment and passion to help people grow and thrive in this industry is unlike any other. Del was and still is a fantastic mentor that I would recommend to anyone looking to pursue a career in sports!

What advice would you pass on (pay forward!) to others who aspire to work in sports?

Work hard, stay on top of everything and NETWORK. It is so important to get out there and meet with people. This day in age it is so easy for your resume to get lost in the bunch. Having the opportunity to develop relationships with working professionals not only will work to your advantage in possibly getting a job but you will have the chance to LEARN from them.

"There is no substitute for Excellence – not even success. Success is tricky, perishable and often outside our control; the pursuit of success makes a poor cornerstone, especially for a whole personality. Excellence is dependable, lasting and largely an issue within our own control; pursuit of excellence, in and for itself, is the best of foundations,” The Heart of the Order, by Thomas Boswell (Doubleday, 1989).