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November 11th, 2015

It would not be inappropriate for there to be a yellow sign on this blog, with the wording “Under Construction” upon it. I’ve been writing “Bob On Baseball” here for more than four and a half years, while simultaneously also writing a completely different blog over at NHRA.com, all while doing a ton of writing for my real job as a team PR rep on the NHRA Mello Yello tour, and to put the cherry on top in 2016 I’ll be stepping away from drag racing in order to write a book. That’s a lot of writing, and something had to give, so here’s the plan…

Starting soon, hopefully in just a few weeks, I’ll be ending my 10+ year tenure with my NHRA blog and I will shift all of that writing, musing, rambling, and just plain wondering to this site, hopefully bringing many thousands of readers with me. With that in mind, and considering baseball will only be a part of this blog in the future, the title will get a little shorter and a little more far-reaching.

This will be, simply, “Bob’s Blog” and those of you who have followed me on NHRA.com know you’ll be seeing an ongoing tale of life, love, travel, cats, humor (hopefully), drag racing (of course), family, and yes… baseball. And other sports. And other adventures. And lots and lots of nonsense. Plus music. Oh, and updates on the book I’ll be writing. All of that, and more…

As opposed to the more structured journalistic style I’ve utilized here since “Bob On Baseball” was launched in early 2011, I’ll also make the transition to the more relaxed, conversational, and “stream of consciousness” style that has made my NHRA blog very popular. I know those of you who have been with me know exactly what I’m writing about. I’m pleased and honored every time I meet a reader who happily tells me “When I read your blog, I feel like you’re an old friend in the room with me, just talking.” That’s always been my goal. Touchdown!

If you remember Shasta the cat, or our dearly departed Hawaiian friend Adam Vincent, and a cruise into the Panama Canal, Team CSK, Team Wilk, and other characters like Scott The Pilot, Kim the Lawyer, Crazy Jane, and some actor guy named Buck Hujabre (if that’s ACTUALLY his real name), then in you’re in the right place. If not, welcome to the neighborhood and pull up a chair. We’re a friendly bunch.

Stay tuned and check back often. We’ll be packing up the NHRA blog and moving it into this house very soon. You bring the chips and guacamole!

-Bob Wilber (at your service).

3 replies on “Time To Transition”

I am really looking forward to this next step in the literary world. Since we are only weeks apart in age, it’s a real joy to hear about your baseball career since it coincides with my college years. I played a lot of baseball as a kid, but our little south Texas high school didn’t have a baseball team so I swung a tennis racket instead.
I also enjoy the Boyz. Our Boys are no longer with us, and we just adopted three beautiful kittens that one of our outdoor cats provided us. Still trying to think of the name for them, probably the three Stooges or the Triplets. One black and white male (Spot) a calico female (Monkey) and a mostly white female with some yellow fur (Butterscotch). Any ideas on what to call them?

Thanks Barry! I really appreciate that. We should be just days away from officially launching this new escapade. As for the three kittens, the Three Stooges sounds perfect. Or the Three Musketeers? And when I was a kid, we had a cat named Monkey, so I dig that one the most!

I guess they could be the Three Mouseketeers, but that shows our age, right? I need to try and post a picture of them..Monkey got that name because she had huge ears when real little but she has kept it because she is our climber/explorer. She will be a great companion for our granddaughter when she visits. Spot and I bonded when he was only three weeks old and has become my lap cat. Butterscotch will end up being my wife’s lap cat. When you look at them, it’s hard to think they are litter mates because they don’t look like siblings.

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