Aloha One Last Time. Homeward Bound Tomorrow

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This will be one of the shorter blog I’ve ever written, but I just wanted to check in and give you all an update. Tomorrow is our final day on Kauai, with an 8:00 pm red-eye flight to Seattle and then an early morning connection to Minneapolis. It’s been an incredible trip, and Barbara has been here since Sunday, so the fun level has been off the chart. I’m also just posting random photos in no particular order, just to give you more visuals of The Garden Isle.

Not a shabby view from our room! (Click on any image to enlarge)

Yesterday was moving day. Dr. Bob, who Mary and Lonnie were house-sitting for, returned from his epic European bicycle ride so Mary and Lonnie packed up and returned to the condo, at the same time Barbara and I were doing the same for a move across the road to the hotel. We’ve stayed here twice before, when it was the Marriott Courtyard, but it’s just finishing up a lengthy renovation and a switch to the Sheraton brand. It looks fantastic, and as soon as I post this I’m joining Barbara at the gorgeous new pool they’ve built. Here’s a view from our luxurious room overlooking the ocean, right on the beach.

Mary and Lonnie and I have literally covered the island from one end to the other. The mountains come right down to the sea at the northwestern end, so there is no road that connects all the way around the island. Earlier in the trip, we went up the east side past Princeville and Hanalei to get to the end of the road that way. A few days later, we went the other way, a lengthy ride from here in Kapaa, and the last 10 miles of it was on a dirt road so rutted and full of huge potholes that calling it a “washboard” would be far too understated. We borrowed Dr. Bob’s Toyota 4-wheel drive vehicle for that, but it was still only 5 to 10 mph all the way down that road. Quite an adventure, to say the least.

Yes. Gorgeous.

We’ve hit a long string of local restaurants. We’ve absorbed more than a few cocktails, including Mai Tais of course. We’ve had wonderful fun with the cats Maxie and Biscuit over at the condo. There have been more than a few nights when time zones messed up our sleep patterns, but we’ve kept it stress free and not worried about it. It’s been idyllic. It’s also been three weeks for me, and frankly I miss our boyz quite a bit, so I’ll be happy to get home. The weather will certainly be different. The seasons are rapidly changing in Minnesota.

So aloha from Kauai. Enjoy the photos. There are more of them below, so scroll down to see them all. I’ll be home soon…

Bob Wilber, at your service and heading for the pool.


































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