In all my years of playing baseball, I had never been in such an exciting setting as the one I experienced during my time in Venezuela.
-- Aaron, 32

TPGF opens doors and creates opportunities for those who aspire to a business career in sports. It is a timeless game. A Perfect Game. A noble pursuit.

Bob's Blog

    • What A Production... 02/16/2017: If it seems, to you, that I've been touting these "major milestones" for many months, with regard to "Bats, Balls, & Burnouts" that's because I have. ...
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Q & A with TPGF

    • Q & A with Tyrone Brooks 10/10/2016: Tyrone Brooks is everything The Perfect Game Foundation aspires to provide to its fellows, but he did it all on his own. He followed his passion to la...
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Who Is Eligible

TPGF assists young women and men of all backgrounds.

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The Team

TPGF is managed by a Board of Directors assisted by an Advisory Council of well respected people from the baseball, private and public sector worlds.

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