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The following story was submitted by Connor Starrs, a 2015 fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation.

  • Name: Carleigh Soloman
  • School:
  • Job or Internship: TPGF Tournament Manager

Working as Tournament Manager for TPGF Golf this year has been such an amazing experience and has allowed me to even further my love for golf! University of South Carolina’s sport and entertainment management program has provided me with the opportunity to pursue something I am passionate about, while teaching me the dedication and involvement necessary to succeed in this industry.

As an upcoming senior in the fall, my end goal of becoming involved in the sport and entertainment legal industry is approaching quickly. I am excited to announce that I will be applying to law schools in the fall, and I am really looking forward to the next chapter of my life! I am so grateful for The Perfect Game Foundation and Del, for providing the utmost support and encouragement that has helped me secure positions with wonderful organizations, such as my current internship as a Professional Golf Management Intern at Kenwood Golf; Country Club. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people and I am forever grateful for the support I have received in both my professional and personal career.

"There is no substitute for Excellence – not even success. Success is tricky, perishable and often outside our control; the pursuit of success makes a poor cornerstone, especially for a whole personality. Excellence is dependable, lasting and largely an issue within our own control; pursuit of excellence, in and for itself, is the best of foundations,” The Heart of the Order, by Thomas Boswell (Doubleday, 1989).