Bob Wilber grew up aspiring to follow in his father’s baseball footsteps, and while he was able to secure a full college scholarship and later spend parts of six years in professional ball, as a player, coach, and scout, his mother’s writing, communications, and public relations skills were what eventually defined his career. After a successful and adventurous sports-marketing trek through the sports-apparel business, agency work, and professional indoor soccer, he saw his first drag race as he closed in on his 40th birthday. Little did he know that he’d go on to spend 20 consecutive years as a team manager and PR representative for Del Worsham and then Tim Wilkerson, two of the most popular Funny Car drivers on the NHRA tour. At the conclusion of the 2015 season, Bob ended his drag racing run in order to take on an important personal assignment. Over the course of 2016 he wrote his autobiography, entitled “Bats, Balls, & Burnouts.” It was released in late May, 2017 and is available on and other major online book retailers, in both printed and digital formats. For the last year, Bob has been writing a new book, in the “historical fiction” genre, and it is expected to be published in mid-2021. The working title is “How Far?” It will be available on all major book-selling platforms.

It Can Be A Mad Dash…

May 20th, 2021

Greetings to all on yet another Thursday. Elon Werner has submitted a great installment that really takes you into the nitty gritty of what people like him (and me, before I retired) go through to get a big event worked out, plotted out, and executed perfectly. Reading this took me back to my days with […]

A Proud Father’s Tale

May 13th, 2021

Hola everyone. I’m trying to stick to a steady schedule of cranking on the rest of my new book with my deadline looming, so Elon Werner has stepped up to the plate again to file a new blog for all of us. It’s a great installment, all about how proud a father can be when […]

Back In Various Saddles, Again!

May 6th, 2021

Hey everyone! It’s actually me today. Remember me? My name is Bob. Today’s headline is not literal. I do not, by rule, ride horses. I have ridden horses, when I was much younger and the ground seemed much softer, but even that was basically just holding the reins while the horse walked. One time, a […]

Friends… Priceless!

April 29th, 2021

Greetings all! Today’s collaboration is about one of my favorite subjects. It’s about friends. When anyone we know asks us about living in Minnesota, and questions our sanity in terms of the stout winters we have here, we just say “This is our home now. We made the best friends we’ve ever had here. It’s […]