Who Is Eligible

Mission Statement

The Perfect Game Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to those who want to follow a business career path in sports through the development of a system of opportunities, funding, guidance and mentorship.

The Perfect Game Foundation is committed to diversity in the administration of its programs and encourages applicants to apply, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, creed or the like, if they meet the Foundation’s needs-based, eligibility criteria and have a demonstrable interest in considering pursuit of a sports-connected career.

A significant part of this assistance is The Perfect Game Foundation Scholarship Program which offers financial assistance for diverse applicants participating in approved internship projects and approved courses of graduate level study.


The Perfect Game Foundation Grant and Scholarship Program will award financial support to eligible candidates who demonstrate need along with personal characteristics reflective of the highest levels of team work, collaboration and selflessness.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for consideration candidates must:

  • Complete all the requested application forms;
  • Be accepted in an approved internship program and/or an approved graduate level course of study in sports related fields

Award Determination

Applicants will be notified by PGF following a thorough and appropriate review of all application information as well as telephone or in person interviews.

If you prefer to mail your completed application, please download an application (PDF) and send it to the address below:

The Perfect Game Foundation, Inc
P.O. Box 3314
McLean, Va 22102

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