Bob Wilber grew up aspiring to follow in his father’s baseball footsteps, and while he was able to secure a full college scholarship and later spend parts of six years in professional ball, as a player, coach, and scout, his mother’s writing, communications, and public relations skills were what eventually defined his career. After a successful and adventurous sports-marketing trek through the sports-apparel business, agency work, and professional indoor soccer, he saw his first drag race as he closed in on his 40th birthday. Little did he know that he’d go on to spend 20 consecutive years as a team manager and PR representative for Del Worsham and then Tim Wilkerson, two of the most popular Funny Car drivers on the NHRA tour. At the conclusion of the 2015 season, Bob ended his drag racing run in order to take on an important personal assignment. Over the course of 2016 he wrote his autobiography, entitled “Bats, Balls, & Burnouts” and submitted it to the publisher in early February. It was released in late May, 2017 and is available on and other major online book retailers, in both printed and digital formats.

Meet Me In St. Looie…
Jun 22, 2018   //   by bwilber

Hello blog village, on a Friday instead of a Thursday. We had a busy day of travel yesterday, and I knew I wouldn’t want to sequester myself in our hotel room once we got here, so I’m trying to dash off a quick one on Friday morning while Barbara is on a conference call. It’s 10:20 as I’m starting this and we have tickets for the 11:30 tram within the north leg of the Gateway Arch, to go to the top. So, time is of the essence!

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Right On Target, And Other Thoughts
Jun 14, 2018   //   by bwilber

Greetings and salutations, blog faithful. I’m going to start this Thursday Blog Day with the first part of the headline, and then transition into other thoughts, memories, and questions. So, sure, it might ramble a little but we all have our First Class Rambling Licenses so we can handle it.

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Amsterdam? More Like AmsterWOW!
Jun 7, 2018   //   by bwilber

I’m relatively sure I have a new favorite city in the world. And, I can’t believe I waited until just before my 62nd birthday to visit it. Amsterdam was everything I’d hoped for, while still being so much more. I’m looking forward to the day we can return and spend more than 48 manic hours soaking in the history, meeting the wonderful people, and marveling at the beauty and culture of the place. Should you visit Amsterdam? Yes, you should. And don’t wait as long as I did.

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A Challenge To Be Conquered
May 31, 2018   //   by bwilber

Here is the challenge before me, and it’s one I look forward to taking on. At around 7:30 tonight, I’ll be all snug in seat 5A on a big Delta A-330 getting ready for an 8-hour and 20-minute overnight flight. If we’re on time, we will land in Amsterdam just before 11:00 on Friday morning, local time. The challenge is my history of being unable to sleep on a plane when I really need to. It goes back a long way, and was also a problem in college and the minor leagues when it came to bus rides. Put me on a 2-hour morning flight and I can be snoozing before we push back. Put me on a red-eye, where sleep is kinda sorta really (like REALLY) important, and I’m generally hopeless.

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A Day Late, But Worth The Wait?
May 25, 2018   //   by bwilber

Hello again blog faithful, and let me begin with a sincere apology. I did not get my weekly installment posted yesterday, on what is supposed to be Thursday Blog Day. To compound that mistake, I actually had some of it written on Wednesday (I trashed that and am starting over here) because I knew what was in store for Thursday and was afraid I’d never have a chance to write. I was correct, and I missed the mark. I hope it was worth the wait, but that’s not for me to declare or decide.

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