Bob Wilber grew up aspiring to follow in his father’s baseball footsteps, and while he was able to secure a full college scholarship and later spend parts of six years in professional ball, as a player, coach, and scout, his mother’s writing, communications, and public relations skills were what eventually defined his career. After a successful and adventurous sports-marketing trek through the sports-apparel business, agency work, and professional indoor soccer, he saw his first drag race as he closed in on his 40th birthday. Little did he know that he’d go on to spend 20 consecutive years as a team manager and PR representative for Del Worsham and then Tim Wilkerson, two of the most popular Funny Car drivers on the NHRA tour. At the conclusion of the 2015 season, Bob ended his drag racing run in order to take on an important personal assignment. Over the course of 2016 he wrote his autobiography, entitled “Bats, Balls, & Burnouts” and submitted it to the publisher in early February. It was released in late May, 2017 and is available on and other major online book retailers, in both printed and digital formats.

A Great Week For Memories
Jul 25, 2019   //   by bwilber

I suspect the fact that I’m getting old (older?) is something I just have to deal with. Like when you have to insert your birth date within an online form using a drop-down menu for the years, and it takes forever to actually scroll all the way back to the dark ages (1956.) It’s all illustrated right before your eyes when you do that. But one of the joys of being my age is all the momentous stuff I lived through and still remember. I don’t know any of my passwords, but my brain retains specific details of events ranging from world-changing to mundane, as far back as when I was three years old. I will never forget July 20, 1969. This was a good week for those memories, and many others.

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Of Views, Trenches, and QBs
Jul 18, 2019   //   by bwilber

Greetings blog faithful, here on another Thursday Blog Day. This one just happens to fall on July 18, 2019. Summer took a long time to get here, in Minnesota (thanks to those April blizzards) but it’s not just here now, it’s going full blast. Not nearly as bad as in so many states south of us, but our humidity is rising, the temps are up around 90, and man we’ve had some rain. Tons of rain (although I don’t believe we typically measure rain by the ton.) It might be the wettest summer of all time here, and I think that’s the case for much of the country.

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Just Your Basic Whirlwind
Jul 11, 2019   //   by bwilber

I knew there were plenty of good reasons to take last week off, in terms of this blog. Not the least of which was that it was July 4th and there were more important things to care about. And, without really thinking about it a week ago, I believe I subconsciously understood that there would be a lot more material to mine if I skipped a week. Oh boy was there!

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Happy 4th! Let’s Take A Blog Week Off
Jul 5, 2019   //   by bwilber

There are certain weeks when it seems unreasonable to hit the Thursday target for a new weekly blog. Thanksgiving week instantly comes to mind, as do other floating holidays that happen to land on Thursday any given year. In 2019, Independence Day just happened to be one of those holidays, and in respect for such an important national event, we’ll skip the blog. Happy 4th of July, everyone. See you next week!

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Weather (Or Not) And Other Nonsense
Jun 27, 2019   //   by bwilber

Here we are on June 27 and I think I can classify the local Minnesota weather to this point as “quite nice” especially in comparison to other parts of the country. I have a lot of friends in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio and from what I’m consistently hearing they’ve just been getting pounded by heavy rain for the whole month, if not longer. Up here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we’ve had it easy. Not a lot of rain, and when we’ve had some it has generally come down as if there’s a giant watering can up above. Small drops coming down gently. The flowers have loved it.

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