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Bob Wilber is the youngest of Del and Taffy Wilber's five children. After spending seven years in professional baseball, as a player, coach, and scout, he began a sports marketing and management career that now spans more than 25 years.

One Remarkable Day
Mar 20, 2014   //   by bwilber

The date was September 29, 1979. The place was Royals Stadium in Kansas City. The Oakland A’s were in town for a three-game series against the Royals, one that would mark the end of another dreadful season, and on this night they would go down to their 108th loss on the year, taking it on the chin 6-2. Mike Morgan was the losing pitcher, dropping his record to 2-10.

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The Twins Connection Runs Deep
Jan 21, 2014   //   by bwilber

Sometimes it comes in a moment of clarity. The themes that run through your life become apparent, with the dots so clearly connected it’s a wonder it didn’t all seem so obvious for so many years. I spent a few days back in Minnesota this past week, and when I boarded the plane to return to our home in Spokane it all seemed so impossible to miss. This is a story of connection, to a place, to so many people, and to the Minnesota Twins.

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The Lost Art of Wearing a Uniform
Nov 1, 2013   //   by bwilber

The baseball postseason tends to bring a lot of “lost” or forgotten fans back to the fold, if only temporarily. One has to assume it’s the massive national attention, if not the prime-time games on major networks, that somehow snare those previously semi-interested followers and get them to pay attention again, if only for a night or a few innings. Frankly, that’s a good thing.

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1981 – A Year Beyond Comprehension
Aug 13, 2013   //   by bwilber

It’s likely that all of us have one particular year we can look back on as a complete stand-alone example of time compression, where so much happened it now seems inconceivable that it all occurred within the tight confines of January through December. It’s also likely that such a year came along at a very young age when, if you think about it, each year of life was a far greater percentage of the time we’d spent on the planet. Go to school for the first time, learn to read, have an amazing summer vacation, and then experience going back to school at a higher grade level than ever before, all at the age of five, and you’re talking about a monumental piece of a lifetime. My amazing and memorable year, though, took place in 1981, when I was 25 years old. Still a youngster compared to now, but old enough not to expect so much out of any 12-month period.

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Q & A with Jay Dufty
Jun 23, 2013   //   by rhireynolds

TPGF: Jay – could you tell us a bit about where you grew up/went to school and got started in the golf business? I grew up in Fargo, North Dakota. My father was an avid golfer, and like many people in North Dakota, we were forced to play as much golf as possible in our short window of summer.  Fargo has produced a lot of talented players and I was fortunate to grow up with friends that went on to play college golf.  I began working at Moorhead Country Club in high school under PGA Professional Larry Murphy.  Larry was a great mentor and peaked my interest about making golf my career.  I attended New Mexico State University and enrolled in their Professional Golf Management Program.  It’s been a fun journey traveling the country and meeting great people.  I have now worked for the PGA Tour and the TPC Network for 15 years. TPGF: As the Head Golf Professional at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm how do you spend a typical day? No day is typical.  The neat part of this job is variety of what my days brings.  The consistent part of my day is managing staff and executing our strategic plan for the next day/week/month.  I have become more involved in my PGA Section and with The First Tee of Montgomery County so my time management has become heightened so I don’t miss a beat with my members and staff. TPGF: What is the most rewarding part of your job? The relationships I have developed with staff, members, and people within the golf industry.  My passion is developing staff and it is great to watch people that have been a part of your team become successful. TPGF: You are a Board Member of The First Tee – tell […]

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